Justin's writing


My first published article was a 2001 travel piece about New England National Park that ran in the Toowoomba Chronicle. It sits somewhere on my bookshelves in a thick pile of newspaper cuttings and magazines, because I've since been fortunate to contribute hundreds of articles, mostly about gardening, to range of national publications.

Here are some career highlights:

  • Horticultural Editor, ABC Gardening Australia annual Diary and Calendar 2016 - present

  • Horticultural Editor, Organic Gardener Diary and Calendar 2019

  • Regular contributor to ABC Organic Gardener Magazine 2007 - present

  • Contributor to ABC Organic Gardener books Happy Hens (2015) and Backyard Bounty (2017)

  • Regular contributor to Gardening Australia magazine 2015 - present

  • Regular contributor to Graham Ross's Garden Clinic Journal 2014 - 2016

  • Weekend gardening columnist for Toowoomba Chronicle 2006-2013

  • Regular contributor to Highlife Downs Living Magazine 2006-2013

  • Regular contributor to Burke's Backyard Magazine 2001-2003 (NB, I had no knowledge of Don Burke's sexist and appalling behaviour when writing for the magazine, and pride myself on being professional and respectful to others)

I've also written for Country Style, Indulge, Green Lifestyle, Go Camping Australia, ABC Collectors, APN Regional Newspapers and a range of smaller publications. I've twice been sponsored by Tourism Tasmania (2012 and 2014) to write stories about the state's amazing gardens and farms.

If you have a project that needs an experienced writer, I'd love to talk turkey. I'm good at what I do, can accompany my articles with professional standard image, and I pride myself in always meeting my deadlines. Give me a buzz.